Wednesday, December 23, 2009

r.e.a.c.t. to be Established as a Non-Profit Organization

An informal consensus of local performing artists, media and entertainment pros, and otherwise inquiring minds I've spoken with over the last several months has convinced me to form Regional Entertainment Arts and Community Telecom -- r.e.a.c.t. -- as a non-profit organization.   r.e.a.c.t. will serve as the corporate framework for the Death Star, providing administrative, financial, marketing, and technical support to its individual chapters and affiliates.

As r.e.a.c.t.'s acquisition (or launching) of an over-the-air radio outlet in the D.C. metro area is the first objective, the process of seating a board of directors and drafting articles of incorporation has become urgent.  I anticipate those individuals whom make commitments at the inaugural meeting will become the organization's directors, and they'll go on to craft policies consistent with my ideas on media, content, and community.

My biggest hope, however, is that r.e.a.c.t. is eventually seen as a model of organization and social responsibility for its members and the general public.  For example, there are numerous groups dedicated in some fashion to the cause of indie music, and many of them are, IMO, correctly concerned about the conventional business practices of modern media companies.  What goes unaddressed is the legitimate roles institutions play in our society, and how best to adapt those institutions to achieve specific results.  So if the goal is to ensure performers are paid fairly for their live performances, effort would be better spent on organizing to open proprietary venues rather than lobbying the status quo to change.  He who has the gold makes the rules, right?

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