Thursday, January 7, 2016

An Open Letter to D.C.-area Fans of the Tom Joyner Morning Show

Dear D.C. Area Fans of the Tom Joyner Morning Show,

I'm not inclined to promote or even recommend Tom Joyner, WMMJ 102.3 FM, or any media properties of [expletive deleted].  But your alarm at [expletive deleted's] recent decision to move TJMS from 102.3 FM to 1450 AM is unwarranted.  Below are some easy and free alternatives for anyone to continue listening to Black folks' favorite uncle at the family reunion BBQ.

There's a button or menu option on your car's entertainment center that enables users to switch between 'AM' and 'FM' radio frequencies.  Use it.  It's 100% safe.  I promise.  Then, using the entertainment center's dial or button, tune to 1450 AM, any time between 6 and 10 a.m., Mondays through Fridays, to hear TJMS. 

Many of you undoubtedly have mobile devices of one type or another; i.e., 'smartphones', tablets, etc., that allow you to listen to programming by broadcast radio stations streamed over the Internet.  Even [expletive deleted] streams its stations, including WOL 1450 AM.  AAMOF, TJMS is streamed, 'live' over the Internet at, and you may listen in by using any number of mobile apps from radio streaming services like TuneIn.  It's possible to connect your mobile device to a Bluetooth-equipped car entertainment system for enjoying TJMS in your car, almost anywhere you might drive, through today's high-quality car speakers.

Finally, many car entertainment systems come equipped from the factory with HD Radio.  In the D.C. area [Expletive deleted] will be airing TJMS on WKYS-HD2, WPRS-HD2, and WMMJ-HD2.  The sound quality of FM HD Radio is superb, although at the expense of signal range.  Still, for listeners within 20 or so miles of any of these stations TJMS will be available.  So relax.

Don't shed tears for Tom Joyner over this move as he's earned millions selling shares of his company, Reach Media, to [expletive deleted] while continuing to syndicate his show across the nation through Citadel.  I suspect TJMS will continue to be widely available well into the foreseeable future. Everyone knows the unabashedly bammafied uncle at the cookout isn't leaving as long as food and beverages are available.