Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elect Your Favorite DMV Music Acts Into Fall 2012 Music Festival

The D.C. area's music fans have a novel opportunity to support their favorite local music acts this fall.  The Amplify Music Expo announces it will feature performances from the area's top 75 progressive music acts as determined by local fans' nominations during its month-long festival scheduled for October 2012.  Fans may nominate any DMV-based solo performing artist or group of the following genres:
  • progressive rock
  • jazz
  • hip-hop
  • neo-soul/R&B
  • electronica
  • world beat/reggae
  • blues
  • funk
simply by adding as much information as they have available on the performer; i.e, name, contact information, website, Facebook fan page, etc., to this thread.  Amplify will then contact the performers to coordinate their inclusion in the expo.  No purchase is required.  The expo asks fans to limit their individual number of nominations to 10 and list 1 performer/nominee per entry, but the use of more than one of the 10 nominations on a single performer is acceptable.

Nominations will be accepted until September 15, 2012.